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Here I am! This makes me proud! This is where I want to be!

Aktualisiert: 10. Dez. 2020

Since the 1st September, I have been part of Strasser & Strasser, a change management consultancy founded and headed by my aunt. As she is planning her well-deserved retirement, I have come on board with the intention to take over. However, we soon enough realised that the way the business works today, is not viable for the future. My aunt and her team of senior partners are the heart and soul of the company, the unique selling point for every client and the invincible brains, cracking every super-complex change management case. How can I catch up with their thirty years of change management experience in less than two years? Impossible!

Nevertheless, me, Eva and Verena, Eva’s loyal super-hero employee, are determined to use our experience and skills, combine it with our passion and fulfil customers’ needs in today’s and future working worlds. We decided to build on the 22-year-old history of this company and create something new, something we can ALL truly stand for!

What we know so far:

  • We are passionate about PEOPLE. The individual employee, the line worker, the crew, who keeps the business running. During large change projects, the work with the base is often sidelined. Top managers then wonder why all efforts towards agility, cross-functionality and digitalisation fails. Leaders push, innovate and provide freedoms, but no one moves. Whether a culture shift has been successful or not cannot be told by visiting a board meeting, but by spending time on the floor. We want to strengthen the crew to get the ship sailing into new waters.

  • We love DIGITALISATION. The digital transformation is inevitable. Using digital solutions have already created unbelievable efficiency gains in companies and private lives. I mean, seriously, who could survive without Google Maps these days? However, during Corona we all felt the side effects of spending nine hours a day in video conferences: Loss of personal contact, the removal of boundaries between work and private life, operational chaos and the constant struggle with technical issues. We want to bring the human factor back into the equation and create a culture where people are as self-confident and excited about digital tools as we are, enjoy experimenting and love using digitalisation to its full potential.

  • We have enormous POTENTIAL: Three women, three generations, unstoppable willpower. From the first moment I stepped into this office, I felt an immense energy. Eva, her partners and Verena have created a fantastic culture, where learning and development is in its midst. Our determination, our creativity, our willingness to listen to each other and finally our desire to have fun will lead us on an exciting journey to new projects. The experiments may begin!

You can probably tell how excited I am! I mean, who ever gets the chance to innovate in such an open space, with such inspiring people. I know, I probably have to give up all the beloved hours on excel sheets, but f*** that. Here I am, and this makes me proud! This is where I want to be

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